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Uzel Plastik guarantees its customers the continuity of quality and ease of use at every stage of production, from determining customer needs in the most appropriate way to choosing the right material for Bakery and Baking Ingredients Packages.

  • High resolution HD flexo printing up to 10 colors.
  • Films that offer high performance on high-speed machines at the packaging stage.
  • Single layer, double layer and triple layer rolls suitable for high speed horizontal and vertical packaging for roll breads.
  • Production of wicked bread bags suitable for manual packaging.
  • Matte, glossy, gloss, white, partial matte and paper effect packaging to customize the look.
  • Bag types we offer in the Bakery and Baking Ingredients Packages group; pillow type, quadro, side bellows, doypack, 4 corner welds, hand snap-on, 3 holes, hanging loop, euro hole, wicket bags.
  • CPP or BOPP rolls for bakery products like bread, cracker, or thin bread (tortillas, wafers, etc.).
  • High barrier solutions for breadcrumbs, sugar, or baking powder that need protection against air or moisture.

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