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Graphic Design and Pre-PressGraphic Design

Consumers often decide according to the packaging of the product rather than the product placed in the package. The right design is what is required for your products to make a difference and to be preferred on the market shelves.

In the Prepress section, which is the first stage of production, the needs of the customers are determined. Designs are prepared according to their needs or existing designs are made suitable for printing. The high quality and low plate costs provided by the flexo printing technique provide great benefits for customers.

Uzel Plastik Prepress team, who are experts in their field, uses advanced technology, professional equipment and up-to-date software, as well as their experience, in order to turn customers’ ideas into reality. In this way, the visual quality of the products is guaranteed.

Flexo PrintingFlexo Printing

Every package produced in Uzel Plastik has the same quality standards in terms of both design and printing colors.

With its advanced technology precision machinery, the products reach maximum quality. Printing machines capable of flexo printing up to 10 colors at a speed of 400 meters per minute ensure the continuity of print quality with its automatic print monitoring system, while providing fast service with non-stop warping and wrapping systems.

Thanks to the "Graphical Positioning System", which has started to be used together with the investments in newly made flexo printing machines, the products reach high print quality and quality continuity is ensured in the repetitions of work. In this way, the continuity of the work is kept at the maximum level.


The lamination of the films whose flexo printing process has been completed is carried out in the modern facilities of Uzel Plastik with solvent and solvent-free lamination techniques.

In food products, lamination processes are applied so that the printed surface does not come into contact with food.

The products are laminated with two or more ply combinations of BOPP, CPP, PE, PET, BOPA, ALU and paper products. Adhesives complying with food safety standards are used during lamination processes.

In addition, thanks to the lamination process, the shelf life of the packaged products is increased by adding strength and barrier properties to the packages. The lamination processes to be applied vary according to the sectors of the products produced. The decisive factor here is customer expectation.

Converting and Bag MakingConverting

The last process in production is slitting and bag making. The products, whose printing and lamination are completed, are sliced to the desired size and turned into rolls.

If the products are to be used in automatic packaging machines, they are transferred directly to the storage and shipping department.

If the products are to be produced as bags, they are cut into bags by cutting machines to the desired size in line with customer demand. During the cutting and bag making process, pillow type, gusseted, doypack, quattro, zip-lock bag productions are offered specifically to customers.

In addition, wicket bags can be produced for automatic filling lines. With the completion of the last stage in production, the products produced with "tailor's made" are ready for shipment.